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 (mōt′särt), Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791.
Austrian composer noted for his graceful and imaginative refinement of the classical style. Among his 626 numbered works are symphonies, concertos, operas, Masses, sonatas, and chamber works. As a child prodigy he toured Europe with his father, the composer (Johann Georg) Leopold Mozart (1719-1787).

Mo·zart′i·an, Mo·zart′e·an adj.
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Adj.1.Mozartian - of or relating to or in the manner of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Indeed, Hadelich's interpretation of this much-loved work was almost Mozartian in its weight, tone and phrasing, rather than an expression of burgeoning, sweaty romanticism.
Placed within the volume's "Musical Practice in Bohemia" section there also appears a historiographical essay by Tomislav Volek ("American Mozart Scholarship As Seen from Prague"), which, after an impassioned assertion of Prague's Mozartian credentials, offers "a personal perspective" (p.
The narcissist may begin to find it ironic that the same song he loves can sound "cheesy" to a different audience ; the subaltern may make the Kohlbergian breakthrough about his "superior" that what is legal is not necessarily moral; the scholar or artist may progress from early Mozartian technical virtuosity to "episteme", a sense of what the work may mean in a wider context.
In this same letter, Mozart then continues (if reluctantly) to detail the process of writing down the composition he hears in his mind, emphasizing that no external distortive factors can hinder him in his creative march, once the melody came all clear and whole to his imagination, and that he has no explanation for why his compositions come out original ("Mozartian") as they indeed do:
The Dutch demagogue Geert Wilders dyes his Mozartian bouffant platinum blond.
Brain's remarkable tone quality and musicianship would be revealed to still greater advantage (and general pleasures) as it was in his fine regard for Mozartian simplicity added gratification to the concerto, of which the closing rondo with its imaginary hunting scene is the most interesting of the three movements.
Connors is a highly regarded lyric soprano whose shimmering voice and impeccable technique make her an especially fine Mozartian; she has also garnered considerable success in bel canto opera as well as modern music.
The Shakespearean and Mozartian resonances of Sunday Bloody Sunday stand out because of the stark contrast between these resonances and the noisy, abrupt, disconnected experience of life in the city.
Those with only a glancing acquaintance with the music of Prokofiev, via the children's tale Peter and the Wolf, or the Mozartian First Symphony, may be scarcely aware of what a single-minded revolutionary he could be, often offending his conservative Soviet masters.
Despite all the hyperbole surrounding all three matches on Super Saturday, none of it was what one might call Mozartian in its beauty and splendour.
The Amadeus International Mozartian Contest is for young pianists to age 11.