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Noun1.William Gladstone - liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)William Gladstone - liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)
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Correspondence between Downing Street and the Foreign Office (FCO), released by the National Archives, proffered Mr Gladstone's expulsion was more down to his criticism of Sri Lanka's human rights record during its civil war than anything else.
Mr Gladstone wrote the 1883 note on Downing Street headed paper on behalf his diplomat friend.
Mr Gladstone's Curious Emporium Pineapple Cube (PS5, Tesco, 9% abv) Who doesn't like a drop of fizz and this one is a little bit different.
During his time in the area he stayed at Mr Gladstone's residence, Hawarden Castle.
The former Liverpool MP said: "Mr Gladstone departed in my car boot."
Yet, although the Liberal governments of 1868 and 1880 took up aspects of land and parliamentary reform, especially in Ireland, Mr Gladstone resolutely refused to legislate against the power of the House of Lords, however obstructive it was to other Liberal measures of reform.
He includes her relations with other British visitors (including Lord Salisbury and Mr Gladstone) and her often acute observations of Riviera life.
It is not a figure of speech to affirm that Mr Gladstone's statement, in moving for leave to introduce a measure of Home Rule for Ireland, was without a parallel in our Parliamentary annals.
David said: "The worry is still there even though we know he is in the very best of hands with Mr Gladstone, Dr Casey and all the nursing staff in the Children's Hospital."
They were provided with truncheons and white arm bands, and their ranks included Mr Gladstone, Sir Robert Peel and Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, the future Emperor Napoleon III of France, who shared his beat in Piccadilly with the Athenaeum Club's chef.