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Noun1.Gordie Howe - Canadian hockey player who holds the record for playing the most games (born 1928)
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"Maybe it is time Mr Hockey took a walk in the shoes of a nurse or some other essential worker to understand the massive financial obstacles that lie in their path to a modest but secure life that would include owning their own home in Sydney.
Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey, whose currently unpopularity is associated with the Budget, scored 39.1 and 32.1, respectively.
From student blogs to The Australian, the story took off to such an extent that it would appear that Mr Hockey was compelled by his prime minister to comprehensively apologise to the Australian public.
Our advice to Mr Hockey was first and foremost, cut the fossil fuel subsidies.
Mr Hockey is survived by his wife of 55 years, Joy, and two daughters April and Jane.
When he received his award from the RNLI Mr Hockey was typically modest saying: "It''s not for gallantry, more for good attendance and being in the right place for long enough."
'I was surprised because I hadn't been to Gran Canaria this year,' said Mr Hockey, 46.
Mr Taylor said: "Mr Hockey has no alternative but to beg.