Punch and Judy

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a puppet show in which a comical little hunchbacked Punch, with a large nose, engages in altercation with his wife Judy.

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These vocal exertions, emanating from the people who had been there longest, naturally proceeded from those who were nearest to the platform and furthest from the policemen in attendance, who having no great mind to fight their way through the crowd, but entertaining nevertheless a praiseworthy desire to do something to quell the disturbance, immediately began to drag forth, by the coat tails and collars, all the quiet people near the door; at the same time dealing out various smart and tingling blows with their truncheons, after the manner of that ingenious actor, Mr Punch: whose brilliant example, both in the fashion of his weapons and their use, this branch of the executive occasionally follows.
They scream as the crocodile creeps up behind Mr Punch, boo the policeman who comes to arrest him and cheer as his wife beats him up with a frying pan.
Brian, also known as Mr Punch, said: "We wanted a numberplate to give the van that little bit extra but it has inspired us in all sorts of other ways.
The irascible Mr Punch supported rearmament early on and criticised the disastrous policy of appeasement in virtually all of its phases.
But Mr Punch is inconsolable over the loss of his two-year-old and is desperate to be allowed temporary release to be with his family.
That's the way to do it!'' I can hear it now, Mr Punch of Professor Codman's famous Punch and Judy show on St George's plateau when I was a child in the late 1950s.
Mr Punch hides in his red and white striped theatre and the sad-eyed donkeys wait patiently on the sands, as the clouds darken behind the hills.
Now I know I will be called Mr Punch. What do you think that leaves you as?'
Tall but portly, with a red face and a big hook nose - a caricature of him would have looked like Mr Punch.
Notorious big mouth, Mr Punch, has been silenced - for not speaking Welsh at the National Eisteddfod.
Ronnie Alden, who has been entertaining children for more than 60 years, says he was told that Mr Punch was just too vicious to be seen by youngsters.
The most recent politician to attract the attention of Mr Punch was Maggie Thatcher, who had a brief time as a wooden headed member of the cast.