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n. pl. Messrs. (mĕs′ərz)
1. Mister. Used as a courtesy title before the surname or full name of a man. See Usage Note at Ms..
2. Used in informal titles for a man to indicate the epitomizing of an attribute or activity: Mr. Suave; Mr. Baseball.

[Middle English, abbreviation of maister, master; see master.]
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form of address, title of respect, title - an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'; "the professor didn't like his friends to use his formal title"


الْسَّيِد pan hr. Herr Κος Sr. herra M. gospodin signor 男性の名字の前に付ける敬称 ...씨 Dhr herr Pan Sr. господин herr นาย Bay Ông 先生
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On some of the trips his chum, Ned Newton, accompanied him, and very often in the party was a Mr.
CARTHAGE (TAP) - Here is the list of persons decorated, on Wednesday, by Caretaker President Foued Mebazaa: Grand Cordon: Mr.
Following extensive recuperation at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in Colorado, Mr.
But for all its merit, the skipjack program is never farther from cancellation than its next major Coast Guard inspection - and one loomed even as Mr.
I've never been a painter, but in a slough of despond, or when overcome by paralyzing lethargy--for moments, hours, days--psychically wired to the TV set, my only friend, I've had occasion to be an armchair painter, thanks to Mr.
PCG AM's management will report directly to its Board of Directors, which will include Mr.
I was very lucky in my twenties to be able to spend a lot of time with Donald Trump and a lot of it rubbed off on me," said Mr.
The Phoenix Technologies board of directors has determined that it is in the best interests of all shareholders of the Company to nominate Mr.
Specialists are also accountable for cycle time, Mr.
Larry Bellone, the Company's former CFO, will transition to a newly created position, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, reporting to Mr.
Smart Online (OTCBB: SOLN) today announced the appointment of Mr.