Mr. Charlie

Mr. Char·lie

n. Offensive Slang
A white person or white people considered as a group.

[From Charlie, nickname for Charles.]
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Espino said: "There was an issue in Manila about my meeting Mr.
Through the efforts of the International Petroleum Museum and Exposition, Mr.
I was also interested to know how His Honour became acquainted with Mr.
Miss Tourism Queen International was founded by Mr.
But the action of Yorkshire miners in donating pounds 50 towards the holiday fund was assacked by Mr.
His other Broadway credits include "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" with Kirk Douglas, James Baldwin's "Blues for Mr.
He also choreographed extensively for television and Broadway, including the original production of The Blacks, Blues for Mr.
And then there is an old black porter who works for the deteriorating Delta hotel where Mr.
He worked with the gifted but fickle James Baldwin on his 1954 play The Amen Corner (Baldwin promised Dodson he could direct Blues for Mr.
This will enrich the buying experience on our site and improve our user experience," said Mr.