Mr. Charlie

Mr. Char·lie

n. Offensive Slang
A white person or white people considered as a group.

[From Charlie, nickname for Charles.]
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His high school coach, Mr. Charlie Bell, said that in 61 years of coaching, he has not personally experienced a leader who elevated his teammates in toughness, resilient competitiveness and tenacity.
During the dinner, Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group Chairman Mr. Charlie Lee announced that the company was establishing the Lee Kum Kee Hope as Chef Charitable Foundation with the aim of lifting the group's key corporate social responsibility program 'Hope as Chef' to a new stratum.
The panel was composed of myself; Mr. Charlie Villasenor, chairman of the Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia; Mr.
* Mr. Charlie Nguyen, CEO & Founder of CMS Global, will introduce CMS Global and discuss the opportunities academic leaders around the world can tap into for increasing global brand presence and growing international enrollment in a scalable manner.
Margie Dial and the late Mr. Charlie Dial, the late Mr.
During the conference, Mr. Charlie Rishmawi has given a presentation through a projector about the city of Beit Sahour and its history and intangible heritage, and how the city youth maintain and protect that heritage, the Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation has also participated through giving a presentation done by Eng.
Finally, the D.A.R.E president Mr. Charlie Parsons - who is also CEO of the Organization; the Deputy President Mr.
And the first submersible and fully transportable oil drilling rig to be deployed offshore, a vessel known as Mr. Charlie, received recognition from ASME as a Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark in a ceremony in March.
Mr. Charlie Yip, Managing Director of OTO, noted, "We have to thank the people in Hong Kong for their support for OTO's products over the years.
He might stand on land his daddy broke with a mule and a good axe, or he might be working worn out acres for Mr. Charlie. This could be his last chore before catching a train to Raleigh, Chicago, or Detroit, leaving like the geese for somewhere better.
I was also interested to know how His Honour became acquainted with Mr. Charlie Au Foo (1894-1980), a leader of the Winnipeg Chinese community for over five decades.