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Noun1.Mrs. Gandhi - daughter of Nehru who served as prime minister of India from 1966 to 1977 (1917-1984)
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Mrs. Gandhi and her stooges occupying the South Block took the emergence of the SARC (later made SAARC) as a grand ploy of the Chinese regime to encircle India through India's own neighbors.
The results of the continuing Indian elections on May 23 will reveal whether India will endorse Modi or spurn him as they did Mrs. Gandhi in the 1977 elections after the Emergency."
"In the national interest, Michel's lawyer must tell us about the Existence of documents of 2008, which make a reference to Mrs. Gandhi. Evidently, the friendship between Michel and one family in India is time-tested and deep," he said in another tweet.
Belatedly, the Congress Party which Mrs. Gandhi headed regretted the imposition of a rule where there was no personal freedom and the press was gagged.
Mrs. Gandhi had declared the state of emergency after the Allahabad High Court quashed her election to the Lok Sabha because she had used the services of a member of her staff, a government servant, in the election campaign.
"Subramanian Swamy suggested to department officer then days ago that the heard Mrs. Gandhi was prompted to set the March election date because she wanted to square things away in view of her 'failing health'," read the classified mail.
However, he returned the honors conferred on him by the government, when Mrs. Gandhi authorized the military operation in the Golden Temple in 1984.
At the last stage, the commander of the force was summoned by Mrs. Gandhi and asked to brief her on the plan.
On June 12, Mrs. Gandhi was found guilty by the High Court of Allahabad of election code violations.
Shudh Parkash Singh, President of INOC, said NRIs prayed for the welfare of Mrs. Gandhi and portrayed her as Modern Mother India who is serving the children of the nation with love and affection.