Mt. Rushmore

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Noun1.Mt. Rushmore - a mountain in the Black Hills of South DakotaMt. Rushmore - a mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota; the likenesses of Washington and Jefferson and Lincoln and Roosevelt are carved on it
Coyote State, Mount Rushmore State, SD, South Dakota - a state in north central United States
Black Hills - mountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming; sacred to the Sioux (whites settling in the Black Hills led to the Battle of Little Bighorn); site of Mount Rushmore
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CyLab's Lorrie Cranor and Chief Information Security Officer Mary Ann Blair complete Carnegie Mellon's Mt. Rushmore of privacy and security.
Creating, JD'S Chili Parlor, Lessi B's Pie Candles, Lisa's Weihnachtsbrotle, Love and Daisies, My Emergency Room 24/7, New Braunfels Conservation Society, Off Rhodes Craft Beer Station, Pavlock's Kitchen & Culinary Goods, Pinks Popcorn, Pops of Whimsy, Preussen Studios, Princess and the Monkey, Staged Rock Jewelry, Texas PO Boy's, The Dream Corner, The Madison Chocolatiers West, The Rusty Remedy, Urban Soap Bar, Uwe's Bakery & Deli, Valeo Chiropractic, Water 2 Wine of New Braunfels, We Be JAM'N, West Custom Knives, Wicked Woods Jewelry, Face painting and Henna tattoos by Blue Fire Designs, Bungee Trampolines and a Rock Climbing Wall by Climb Mt. Rushmore.
Thirty years since, the 18-time Grammy Award nominees still continue to be a symbol forever sculpted on the 'Mt. Rushmore of heavy metal.'
Also, no surprise here, K makes a point of trying to find Rick Deckard, the original blade runner, effectively played by Ford, now looking craggy enough for a spot on Mt. Rushmore. More ominously, these investigations bring K to the attention of the powerful Wallace and his trusted right hand, the high-functioning replicant Luv (Hoeks).
Whether it is Stonehenge, the architectural wonders of ancient Greece or Mt. Rushmore, stone is a material that is timeless.
Cambodia's communist Khmer Rouge aimed to erase the past and start history anew with their "Year Zero." As for our "devolutionaries," when will they destroy Mt. Rushmore? Answer: when they have enough power.
"Robert's on the Mt. Rushmore of Cinematographers and I'm grateful and inspired to work with this legendary bad [expletive]," Johnson wrote. "What a dream team and crew I'm honored to create and drop sweat with. Day 1 and takin' it to new heights.
Or the giant image of an American Indian god carved into a mountain range that makes the presidents on Mt. Rushmore look positively picayune.
When you think of South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore and the HBO show Deadwood mostly likely come to mind first.
Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting and the FCC have reached a settlement on several outstanding proposed fines.
Site 244: An alien spacecraft has crash landed, spilling its mysterious cargo under the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, USA.
For Obama, this is his ticket to Mt. Rushmore. So in pursuit of his Nixon-to-China Iran fantasy, Obama eschews Turkey, our most formidable potential ally against both the Islamic State and Assad.