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a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or derived from, gums and micilaginous substances; specif., denoting an acid obtained by the oxidation of gums, dulcite, etc., as a white crystalline substance isomeric with saccharic acid.
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Mucic also said SAP management was confident that the drop in profits would not hold the group back from reaching its objectives for the full year.
In highlighting one study, Mucic reports that patients may not feel comfortable sharing personal health information over an electronic medium.
The Trial Chamber ruled that Mucic had de jure effective control over the guards.
Can anyone dare visualize mucic, and on top of that, Bach?
En particular, la Red de Universidades Regionales Latinoamericanas (UREL) y el Consejo de Rectores para la Integracion de la Subregion Centro Oeste de Sudamerica (CRISCOS), han desarrollado diversas iniciativas conjugando el compromiso regional con la Integracion, a escala continental o subcontinental (Valarezo, 1997; Mucic, 1998; Lopez, Castro y Kiss, 2000).
beefy, befitted, beige, bemixed, Bette, betted, bigeye, bitty, boyhood, bugeye, bugeyed, bumph, bumpy, butty, chebec, checked, chick, chipmuck, chuck, chucky, chymic, cubic, Debye, demurrer, ditty, dogtooth, dumky, dumpy, dunning, embed, emitted, emyde, ephebi, epithet, eutectic, exhume, exhumed, exude, ferrer, fetted, feued, fixup, fritterer, fumette, funning, gimpy, gutty, hedge, hempie, Hettie, hexed, hiccup, hotfoot, humid, humpy, impede, imphee, intendment, kedge, keyed, kitty, merrier, misguesses, mixup, mucic, murderer, ninny, outfoot, Panamanian, pellmell, Pennine, petite, petted, pigmy, pudgy, punning, puttee, putty, skepsises, speisses, successes, teeth, tempted, tight, tufty, tutee, unkenned, unpenned, uptight, yeuked
Madden's movie, which took the audience award at the last Sundance Festival, is the story of a competition to select the saddest mucic known to man.
MUCIC (Massey University Cetacean Investigation Centre).
The growing popularity of VCD-players in Indonesia has led to the growth of the VCD software industry, which produces film and mucic discs for home entertainment purposes.