Mucous tissue

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(Anat.) a form of connective tissue in an early stage of development, found in the umbilical cord and in the embryo, and also in certain tumors called myxomata.

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Conversely, a study conducted by SLPs reported that in a total of 54 infants with the congenital Zika syndrome, lingual frenulum visibility required a specific maneuver to retract the tongue in 20 (37%), since it was covered by mucous tissue [20].
Transmissible venereal tumors (TVT) are contagious, sexually transmitted round cell neoplasm in canines transmitted by direct contact with injured skin and/or mucous tissue (Stockmann et al., 2011).
In the bowel, these substances are turned into enterolactone, which is absorbed by the mucous tissue and which was determined by the Heidelberg researchers as a biomarker in the patient's blood.