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a.1.Having, or tipped with, a small point or points.
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Samaras obovoid, slightly curved, 16-19 x 5-6 mm, green when young, then turning purplish red, the two main veins and margins suffused with purplish red, higher order veins obscure and inconspicuous, pseudomonomerous due to the extreme reduction of one of the two carpels, apex slightly emarginated and mucronulate. Seed one per fruit, oblong, 6-8 mm long, 0.9-1 mm diameter, straight to slightly curved.
strongly asymmetrical with a well developed lateral wing equaling to exceeding the distal portion of the midnerve, with mucronulate to spinescent apex) and usually ecarinate (vs.
Basal leaves up to 60 x 35 cm, 4-6-pinnatisect, segments linear or linear-lanceolate, mucronulate. Terminal umbels hermaphrodite, lateral ones, when present, unessexuad; main umbel pedunculate.
Leaves alternate, rarely basal leaves rosulate; petiolate, sessile, decurrent to auriculate; blades linear, elliptic to ovate, pinnately veined, margin mucronulate to serrate, sometimes revolute, pubescent.
Scape erect, 25 cm x 34 mm, densely white floccose; scape bracts erect, laxly imbricate, slightly exceeding the internodes, elliptic, acute, entire, mucronulate, thin coriaceous, nerved, sparsely white floccose, rose to red.