Mud boat

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a large flatboat used in dredging.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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When the rocks were eventually all piled, Grandpap would hitch his team to the mud boat and we would haul rocks.
They were so crazy that my sister and I weren't allowed in the barn lot if the horses were there, but after getting them hitched to the mud boat, Grandpap would say, "We're all right now, Cap.
750 Gladiator Introducing the new shallow draft mud boat from War Eagle Boats.
War Eagle's new mud boat is designed to cut through brush and push water aside, thanks to the extended duckbill bow.
Symptomatically, I find myself wishing I was there and that the musos and mud boat had not passed ms e by while I was busy doing other things.
Kumihiko Matsuo president of Inpex, reportedly said he would never board a sinking "mud boat." In order to persuade Matsuc, METI allegedly promised him that the government will clean up JODCO's swollen debt before it allows JODCO to integrate with Inpex.
From the Bismark we headed out into the darkest of nights aboard a wooden flat-bottomed mud boat powered by a V-8 Chevy truck engine.
This allows the boat to navigate through rough seas without slap, as a Mod-V would, but traverse through super shallow water like a square-bow mud boat. Available in hull thicknesses of .125 or .190, the Big Water can be rigged with dual 54-hp mud motors.
We had left the Bismarck dock on a heavy wooden mud boat. These boats, powered by a V-8 Chevy engine, skim across water and mud like a gazelle.
They would mix the concrete by hand in mud boats, about two wheelbarrow loads at a time.