Mud boat

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a large flatboat used in dredging.

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750 Gladiator Introducing the new shallow draft mud boat from War Eagle Boats.
Tenders are invited for qualified vendors for a 2018 prodigy 1748 open aluminum mud boat, mud motor and aluminum trailer (or equivalent).
War Eagle's new mud boat is designed to cut through brush and push water aside, thanks to the extended duckbill bow.
Symptomatically, I find myself wishing I was there and that the musos and mud boat had not passed ms e by while I was busy doing other things.
Excel first began powering a number of its mowers with Vanguard engines after Adam Mullet, vice president of sales and marketing, saw it on a mud boat in Louisiana.
From the Bismark we headed out into the darkest of nights aboard a wooden flat-bottomed mud boat powered by a V-8 Chevy truck engine.
This allows the boat to navigate through rough seas without slap, as a Mod-V would, but traverse through super shallow water like a square-bow mud boat.
We had left the Bismarck dock on a heavy wooden mud boat.
They would mix the concrete by hand in mud boats, about two wheelbarrow loads at a time.
Using specialized equipment such as marsh draglines, long- and short-reach excavators, marsh buggies, jib crane airboats, pontoon barges, mud boats, sleds, and double- or triple-engine airboats, Clean Harbors crews collected items that ranged from 55-gallon drums to 20,000-gallon oil production tanks and 30,000-gallon oilfield storage tanks.