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1. A flowing mass of soft, wet, unconsolidated earth and fine-grained debris, made fluid by rain or melted snow and often building up great speed.
2. The deposit resulting from such a flow.


(Geological Science) geology a flow of soil or fine-grained sediment mixed with water down a steep unstable slope



a flow of mixed earth debris containing a large amount of water.
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Firefighters called for the evacuation to higher ground of some 24,000 people from the Brazilian town hit by deadly mud flow from an earlier mining dam rupture, as a second dam threatened to collapse.
The mud flow halted traffic to a standstill along the road, as motorists watched blocks of cement from the retaining wall fall on the road.
These roads were closed due to landslides, mud flow and damaged slope protection, as well as the presence of fallen trees and rock debris in the area.
DPWH Secretary Mark Villar said that as of Monday morning, a total of 34 road sections were closed to all types of vehicles in the region due to rock debris, slides, fallen trees, mud flow, rock and soil collapse, wash-out road, road cut, damaged slope protection and electric post, road slip, eroded bridge approach, and flooding.
ISLAMABAD -- The significant monsoon rains have caused mud flow and landslides in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) rendering major thoroughfares blocked during last 24 hours.
The road situation after the rainfalls is reported as on August 8 due to mud flow and landslides, Karakoram Highway (KKH) was blocked at Attabad Tunnel (one way is open) and Tattapani while work was in progress to clear the road by Frontier Works Organisation and the district administration.
The road situation according to the report in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) claims on 8th August, due to mud flow and landslides, Karakoram Highway (KKH) was blocked at different locations in District Gilgit, Hunza and Chilas area.
The Karakoram Highway (KKH) on July 18, due to mud flow, was blocked at three places (Tatapani, Batsulai and Daran Das) between Chilas and Gilgit.
'Furthermore, people living in valleys and active river channels are cautioned to remain vigilant against sediment-laden streamflows and lahars (mud flow) in the event of prolonged and heavy rainfall,' they added.
Before the workers could worry about that, they were buried under more than 60 metres of pyroclastic mud flow. Twenty-five people died in the factory that day as it became the first large-scale victim of the volcano.
The mud flow went through the home and burst through a backdoor.
During the process of mud flow, there is no drag force between particles, but for those which cannot dissolve, during the process of flowing, the sorting phenomenon occurred, which leads to rearrangement and sedimentation of particles and changes mesostructure and mechanical properties of particles.