Mud minnow

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(Zool.) any small American fresh-water fish of the genus Umbra, as Umbra limi. The genus is allied to the pickerels.

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Contract notice: The service an expert opinion on a mud minnow phoxinus (= eupallasella) percnurus in the natura 2000 area barloznia wolsztynska plh300028.
Besides largemouth and smallmouth bass, the more-is-better thinkers of the past also introduced bluegills, bowfin, rainbow trout, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, brown trout, central mud minnow, northern pike, goldfish, red mimic shiner, blunt-nose minnow, flathead minnow, white catfish, yellow bullhead, channel catfish, tadpole madtom, margined madtom, rockbass, green sunfish, white crappie and walleye.
For example, tadpoles of the wood frog Rana sylvatica grew extra-deep tail fins when sharing a tub with a threatening mud minnow or a dragonfly larva, a somewhat deep tail fin when raised with a less dangerous newt, but nothing special when exposed to a more innocuous water beetle.
Here, my wife, Mercedes, employed a live mud minnow to nab the day's biggest redfish.
I like using Yum Mud Minnow tails with Bomber 1/4-ounce jigs.
Favorite bait is the Gulf killifish, or mud minnow, that can be caught in tidal creeks at low tide.
His top presentation--effective throughout the flounder's range--starts with a finger mullet or a mud minnow on a 3/16-ounce Bomber Saltwater Grade Shad Head jig.
Favorite forage inshore is a mud minnow, also called a killifish.
There's no grass, but the living oyster reefs hide all sorts of bait, including crabs, small shrimp, mud minnows and mullet.
Snook that head up rivers, creeks, and into deep backcountry areas to survive the cold will add tilapia, bluegill, crabs, mud minnows and shrimp to their diets.
Seasoned flounder fishermen will first purchase a bait bucket full of mud minnows from a local tackle shop.