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Adj.1.mud-brick - of or incorporating mud bricks
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Iran's deadliest quake in recent years was a 6.6-magnitude tremor that struck the southeast in 2003, decimating the ancient mud-brick city of Bam and killing at least 27,000 people.
The mummies were the first to be found in the sand-covered desert rock surrounding the mud-brick El-Lahun Pyramid.
According to the architect, the museum's site contains two historically significant structures: the mud-brick Sultan Fort built in 1910 by Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed -- son of Sheikh Zayed the First -- and Al Ain National Museum's current structure, built as a part of HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's vision in 1971.
UNESCO has documented the war's devastating effects on Sanaa's Old City, its mosques, bathhouses, and mud-brick houses with their distinctive, arched, gypsum-framed windows.
A historical district, Al Turaif is said to be one of the only living museums and the largest mud-brick city in the world.
The fire engulfed the entire mud-brick house, burnt it to ashes and the household goods worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.
The slab of columns made of several stones and mud-brick walls were investigated as a result of new excavations.
More remains of the mud-brick foundations were found, as well as a water well located in the middle of the trench.
Located in a city continuously inhabited since 250 BC, the Great Mosque of Djenne is the largest mud-brick building in the world.
Ruins of a mud-brick house were also found, the earliest such house ever found in central China, indicating prehistoric humans had started using construction materials.
He said mud-brick walls of the ruined city were still intact as some of the walls with traces of mud plaster stand as high as 12 feet while at some places complete rooms are visible.