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n.1.(Bot.) Either one of two asclepiadaceous shrubs (Calotropis gigantea, and Calotropis procera), which furnish a strong and valuable fiber. The acrid milky juice is used medicinally.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was the Rajah Muda Saffir--he had seen the girl's face and at the sight of it the blood lust in his breast had been supplanted by another.
This again shows a very strong direct hydrocarbon indicators on seismic, conformable with closure in shallow Muda sandstones.
The Governor who said that the contract for Gombe Road to Maiduguri Road bypass and Yakubun Bauchi Quarters was awarded at the cost of N2.5 billion, noted that of Sabon Kaura to Jos Road bypass and Sultan Abubakar Road to Muda Lawal Road was awarded at the cost of over N2.3 billion.
"Hivyo kusema isipigwe kwenye TV na Radio tumekubali, lakini iwe Kwenye Ule muda ambao serikali uliuweka wa kuwa watoto wako macho, ila pale wanapolala, basi uruhusiwe ili walengwa wautazame."
Through the aAA[sup.2]Island HoppingaAA[acute accent] package, visitors can tour nearby islands such as Pulau Bidan, Pulau Telor and Pulau Songsong in catamaran boats, which adds value to tourism activities in Kuala Muda.
He said at the coronation, Sultan Phugdalon II will be flanked in conformity with protocol by his sisters, Dayang-Dayang (Princess) Sitti Krishna Kiram-Idjirani and Dayang-Dayang Putri Sheiha Kiram-Julkipli, and to be witnessed by Dayang-Dayang Sheramar Kiram-Katimbang (daughter of the late Sultan Jamalul Kiram III) and Datu Shayeed Abubakar-Kiram (a son of the late Rajah Muda Agbimuddin Kiram).
WOLVERHAMPTON: 2.S .30 Devon Diva, 3.00 Well Owd Mon, 3.30 Starlight Serenade, 4.00 Bapak Muda, 4.30 The Great Gabrial, 5.00 Bereka, 5.30 Father Fred, 6.00 Eyeline.
HAYDOCK 2.10 Opus Maximus 2.40 Damaah 3.10 Drahem 3.40 Cupertino 4.10 Bop It 4.40 Bapak Muda 5.10 Silver Samba.