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n.1.(Bot.) Either one of two asclepiadaceous shrubs (Calotropis gigantea, and Calotropis procera), which furnish a strong and valuable fiber. The acrid milky juice is used medicinally.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Zamalek will meet on Wednesday in the quarter-finals with the winner of the meeting between Kiel and the University of Sydney scheduled for today in the round of 16, which also sees a meeting between Mudar Saudi and New York City, where the winner of the last meeting will meet Vardar Macedon in the quarter-finals.
The Syrian team included the students Asma Al-Rifai, Mudar Al-Ali, Karam Khaddour and Mohammed Bilal under the supervision of Chairman of the Central Scientific Committee for Chemistry in the Syrian Scientific Olympiad, Dr.
AppTek CEO Mudar Yaghi said, This development improves upon other ways of real-time capture and analysis of audio content from any source and across multiple languages and dialects.
Some of the international highlights include: Making their US debut from Syria via Germany is Collective Ma'louba with the US Premiere of Your Love is Fire - playwright Mudar Alhaggi's jarring and surreal drama about a group of individuals caught up in the Syrian civil war and the questions posed regarding remaining in a combat zone or fleeing and becoming refugees in a democratic Europe.
One of my contacts in the Middle East, the Jordanian opposition leader Mudar Zahran, reported this week that the Quds Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard now controls only 7% of Syrian territory, a decrease of 53% compared to the beginning of 2018.
"Members of the Jordanian delegation were extremely forthcoming" said an employee at Damascus airport, who asked to be identified by his first name only, Mudar. "They told us they miss Damascus and were eager to resume flights, saying many Jordanians would prefer a flight than taxi ride -- which costs almost the same thing, no less than $200."
Mudar Khojah, Secretary General of the Arab-Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Qatar National Team's Hamza al Kassem was third, followed by Qatar Chain Reaction's Jason Kaile, while Mudar al Khatib completed the top five.
Sobre quais fatores dificultariam as mudancas alimentares, em primeiro lugar, as pessoas opinaram que seria mais caro do que a alimentacao que fazem hoje; segundo que seria dificil mudar a rotina; e terceiro, porque ficaria mais dificil preparar os alimentos.