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Noun1.mud brick - a brick made from baked mud
brick - rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
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To prevent deterioration of stone, mudbrick and plastered features, the most sensitive units have been reburied.
AWIB-ISAW: Central City Amarna (IV) Mudbrick remains of the Central City area at Amarna and visible just beyond them are the large discard piles left behind by earlier archaeologists.
Babylon developed as a walled city of mudbrick temples and towers, known internationally for its hanging gardens, the Tower of Babel, and the Ishtar Gate.
Babylon, about 85 km south of Baghdad, was once the centre of a sprawling empire, renowned for its towers and mudbrick temples.
Iron Age Seal with an Engraved Gazelle COURTESY DCT Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Iron Age oven with preserved Iron Age house in the backgroundCOURTESY DCT Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Interior view of Iron Age oven Image Credit: Image Credit: Iron Age mudbricks with 3000 year old finger impressionsCOURTESY DCT Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Iron Age mudbrick with 3000 year old finger impressionsCOURTESY DCT Abu Dhabi Image Credit: View gallery as list
A third appendix (III) considers a neglected topic--the use of hand-made mudbrick as a building material.
The mudbrick and limestone workshop was divided into two rooms with a mudbrick ramp between them, according to the state-owned media publication, Al-Ahram Online.
However, these findings display clear and profound cultural influences that reveal how the connections established by our ancestors with neighboring cultures and nations transcended borders and surmounted transport difficulties, which in turn calls for further analysis to form a holistic understanding of our past." Experts have revealed that the buildings at the site, made from mudbrick, are the remains of a small fortress and several other structures.
As Vinas notes, "the mudbrick house was big enough to accommodate about 20 people.
A dedicated group of three Kafwa, in Luapula Province took me to meet Moses, a lively and spry 86-year-old man who lives in a mudbrick, thatched-roof home.