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n.1.(Zool.) A woodcock.
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Tigers weren't the only fish biting the trawlers' lures and an exceptional Purple Mudsucker weighing 3.
Both the longjaw mudsucker (Gillichthys mirabilis) and western mosquitofish were introduced into the Salton Sea ca.
By comparison, the most abundant forage item in the longjaw mudsucker was fishes, comprising >47% of gastrointestinal contents, whereas the most abundant forage item in the western mosquitofish was insects, comprising >46% of gastrointestinal contents.
The portable Mudsucker system utilizes a high flow pump and large bag filter vessel to handle sumps from 20 - 250 gal.
Statistical Analyses--Chi-square analysis of counts of the eight most abundant species-leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata), northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax), topsmelt (Atherinops affinis), rainwater killifish (Lucania parva), Pacific staghorn sculpin (Leptocottus armatus), striped bass (Morone saxatilis), yellowfin goby (Acanthogobius flavimanus), and longjaw mudsucker (Gillichthys mirabilis)--plus a general category consisting of all other species combined, was used to determine if proportions of species differed among catches by gill nets and minnow traps.
Thus, Group 1 included northern anchovy, Pacific herring, topsmelt, jacksmelt (Atherinopsis californiensis), Mississippi silverside (Menidia audens), rainwater killifish, bay pipefish, Pacific staghorn sculpin, yellowfin goby, arrow goby (Clevelandia ios), longjaw mudsucker, and starry flounder (Platichthys stellatus).
It is syntopic with longjaw mudsucker, threespine stickleback and mosquitofish.
You know soon he will turn to you and you will peel off your shirt, and give the scarred lines he wrote on your back a little late sun before taking this dirty lake's baptism and dive down to the bottom filled with mudsuckers and weeds and the clams you find handfuls of sifting blindly through the muddy silt, and when you rise through that bloody water, you will redeem the night with your poor bait.
California killifish and longjaw mudsuckers are most abundant in the shallow tidal channels of the marsh islands.
Carcasses surrounded the boat as we drifted and bounced half-ounce Hopkins jigs - proven to be as deadly on fish as Mother Nature; baitfish anglers prefer night crawlers, mudsuckers, waterdogs and small tilapia - off the sea's sandy and muddy bottom.
And at Castaic, Casitas, Perris and several other Southland lakes that are home to the famous Florida-strain black bass, more trophy largemouth bass inhale mudsuckers, water dogs and crawdads than nearly any place on the globe.
Water dogs, mudsuckers and crawdads are the live bait of choice of huge fish during this part of the year, when a slow presentation on deep points target the big fish that are staging (progressively moving to higher water) before coming up to the topwater to spawn and slash through schools of rainbow trout.