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Martin Muehle was a sturdy Don Jose who unfortunately edged sharp on the words "je t'aime" at the end of his aria," La fleur que tu m'avais jetee." As Escamillo, Andrew Foster-Williams tended to shout the top notes in his Act III duet with Jose.
The world's most prestigious contemporary art show will show works from over 160 artists.Starting on June 10, Documenta will welcome visitors to Kassel to view artworks called everything from "Muehle des Blutes" (Mill of Blood) to "Parthenon of Books." The latter is a replica temple filled to the brim with thousands of banned books.
Some 30 sites around the city will be home to modern artworks, such as a 16-meter-tall obelisk standing on KE[micro]nigsplatz square, the "Muehle des Blutes" in the city's baroque-landscaped park, or a nine-by-nine-meter pyramid in a northern city park.
The Pocketbub Factory, Emma Muehle, 682 Sunset Drive.
Slovak-born helmer Georg Juraj Herz is gearing up to direct "Habermanns Muehle" (Habermann's Mill) for Karel Dirka's Munich-based Art-Oko Film.
Budgeted at 3.6 million [euro] ($5.7 million), "Habermanns Muehle" is set to star Hannah Herzsprung ("Four Minutes," "The Reader"), Mark Waschke ("Buddenbrooks"), David Kross ("The Reader") and Ben Becker; pic is scheduled to lense early next year in the Czech Republic.
Lisa Muehle and Lauren Meggison are co-directors of Cambridge Tutoring & Test Prep, Laguna Beach, Calif.
Four local firms - Glashuette Original, Lange GmbH, Nomos KG and Muehle Nautische Werke - have profited from the renaissance of the mechanical watch as an elite niche product in the age of cheap and accurate electronic quartz rivals.
Pacific Coast Borax, unaware of a title problem, ceased assessment work, and began paying taxes on the property (Minette and Muehle, 1974).
Tenneco began open pit mining in 1970 and renamed the mine the Boraxo open pit mine (Minette and Muehle, 1974).
Griffin - Emma Muehle and Jeremy Griffin, of Springfield, a daughter.
The 17th-century yarn originating from eastern Germany's Wendish region has been retold in countless books and past films, including East Germany's 1975 live-action pic "Die Schwarze Muehle" (The Black Mill), which was based on the 1968 children's novel of the same name by German writer Jurij Brezan; and "Krabat," a 1977 animated Czech-West German co-production based on another retelling of the story by Otfried Preussler.