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 (mə-lo͞oz′, mü-)
A city of northeast France south of Colmar. Originally a free city in the Holy Roman Empire, it joined the Swiss Confederation in 1515 before passing to France in 1798, to Germany in 1870, and to France again in 1918.


(French myluz)
(Placename) a city in E France, on the Rhône-Rhine canal: under German rule (1871–1918); textiles. Pop: 112 260 (2006). German name: Mühlhausen



a city in E France, near the Rhine. 113,794. German, Mül•hau•sen (mülˈhaʊ zən)
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1:1 is found in the work of Rabbi Yore Toy Lipmann of Muelhausen: "Here the heretics have erred in saying that bereshit is the Holy One, who is called the First One, and that he created Elohim [God]--which they interpret to mean as Jesus.
After studying in the Guensbach village school, in 1885, Albert entered the Gymnasium (secondary school) at Muelhausen in Alsace.
Also resident was Yom Toy Lipmann Muelhausen, the defender of the truth of the Old Testament against Catholic and Protestant clergy, who lived in Krakow in the years 1400-25.