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 (mŭ′fə-lŏt′ə, -lĕt′-)
n. New Orleans
A sandwich consisting of a large round roll of Italian bread split in half and filled with layers of hard salami, ham, provolone, and olive salad.

[Sicilian, large circular bread roll with a hollow center, probably from diminutive of Italian Italian muffola, mitten, muffle of a kiln, probably from Old French moufle, mitten, probably of Germanic origin.]
Word History: The muffuletta was invented in the early 1900s by Salvatore Lupo, the proprietor of Central Grocery, a small Italian market in the French Quarter of New Orleans that still sells muffulettas today. Mr. Lupo's daughter, Marie Lupo Tusa, explains the origin of the sandwich in her cookbook Marie's Melting Pot (1980). Local farmers of Sicilian origin who sold their produce at a nearby farmers' market would come to buy their lunch at her father's grocery, and their typical meal included a hunk of cheese, various cured meats, some olive salad, and large loaves of bread. "The farmers used to sit on crates or barrels and try to eat while precariously balancing their small trays covered with food on their knees. My father suggested that it would be easier for the farmers if he cut the bread and put everything on it like a sandwich." Her father tried various types of bread and found that the loaf that worked the best was the traditional Sicilian muffuletta, a large, circular, relatively flat loaf that is baked so that the center is hollow and can be stuffed. Mr. Lupo's idea was a hit, and soon his customers had only to ask for a muffuletta in order to get their whole lunch in a sandwich.
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On one recent afternoon, Schoening was plating up a lentil salad, a warmed spinach salad, chana masala, a muffaletta made with fried eggplant and grilled zucchini, a po' boy with fried zucchini instead of shrimp and a mess of other items.
Patrons can expect specialty meats, tasty muffaletta sandwiches, and fresh catfish.
This Makati joint has Mexican mole, Muffaletta from New Orleans, Pork Belly Kimchi, Papadum Nachos and Hungarian sausages in the menu.
The Upper East Side beer hall is hosting its very own Mardi Gras ball for the first time with a menu loaded with NOLA favorites including their signature Fire Breathing Jambalaya, Boudin Balls and Muffaletta Sandwich.
We love muffaletta. We decided they probably would be easy to love together.
Diners can enjoy Train Wrecks, po'boys, jambalaya, muffaletta, bread pudding and more in their homes, offices and classrooms by calling Beck's Cajun at 215-382-2800 from 11 a.m.
Q My wife's sister was talking about a thing she saw on holiday called a muffaletta. I think she's taking the mickey - it sounds like a joke.
Crowley Cheese plans an initial release in 10 of its most popular varieties, including various ages and flavors like Muffaletta and Fresh Chive.
Muffaletta (Moof-a-lot-a): large sandwich served on bread loaf consisting of ham, salami and provolone cheese garnished with an olive relish
"Tailgate Party a l New Orleans," taught by Kim Davaz, features Shrimp Remoulade Skewers; Muffaletta (stuffed sandwich); Fresh Fruit Salad; Pecan Tassies; and Sazeracs (New Orleans' official cocktail).
The sandwich that caught everyone's eye was the muffaletta: Genoa salami, mortadella, ham, the house tapenade and melted provolone cheese on a warm ciabatta roll--all good ingredients in proportion to each other.
Water Street Bistro is tiny, but it has an appealing riverfront terrace and a fabulous New Orleans-style muffaletta sandwich.