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n.1.(Eccl. Hist.) One of an extinct sect, named after Ludovic Muggleton, an English journeyman tailor, who (about 1657) claimed to be inspired.
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Two or three Dingley Dellers, and All- Muggletonians, were amusing themselves with a majestic air by throwing the ball carelessly from hand to hand; and several other gentlemen dressed like them, in straw hats, flannel jackets, and white trousers--a costume in which they looked very much like amateur stone-masons--were sprinkled about the tents, towards one of which Mr.
(4.) For Thompson's later contributions to the historiography of the submerged eighteenth-century undercurrents of radical popular Dissent, see especially William Lamont, "The Muggletonian Archive," in Hill, Reay, and Lamont, The World of the Muggletonians (London 1983), 1-5; Edward Thompson, "The Muggletonian Archive," in Witness Against the Beast: William Blake and the Moral Law (New York 1993), 115-19; Thompson, "On the Rant," in Geoff Eley and William Hunt, eds., Reviving the English Revolution: Reflections and Elaborations on the Work of Christopher Hill (London 1987), 153-60.
Ergo their fury, especially when it came to the author of The Poverty of Theory, and the gloves were off, bricks and chains out, the Muggletonian Marxist himself ready rather for mugging than musing.
Plato, and Spinoza, and Goethe, and many more belong to this guild of self-imposters, with a preposterous rabble of Muggletonian Scots and Yankees, whose vile brogue still the more bestreaks the stripedness of their Greek or German Neoplatonical originals.
Lodowicke Muggleton (1609-98), co-founder of the radical Muggletonian sect, believed that Heaven was six miles up in the sky but that Hell was a product of men's fearful imaginations.
Curiously, Ball does not send out a life-raft to the Muggletonians, whose condescending treatment at the hands of Burns recently drew fire from William Lamont (Last Witnesses: The Muggletonian History, 1652-1979 [Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006], 86, 117-118).
33: In which century was English "prophet" Lodowick Muggleton, inspirer of the Muggletonian religious sect, twice convicted of blasphemy?
In terms of provenance and condition, the most remarkable acquisition we made was of the Muggletonian Archive, which we bought from Michael Cole of York when we were living in Shanghai in 1982-83.
Thus, in his early The Making of the English Working Class, religion plays a crucial role, whereas in his last book, Witness Against the Beast, he seeks to link William Blake to currents of radical religious dissent, especially the Muggletonians. Indeed, Thompson himself becomes part of the Muggletonian heritage, taking over the archives from the last Muggletonian and then declaring himself a Marxist Muggletonian.
You write: "I do not personally see Blake as a Muggletonian in any interesting sense, although I respect the effort to see him as one for honoring the double enigmas of Blake's terrific oddity and his kinship with marginal others.
But, suffering from a sort of Stockholm syndrome, she presses on with Muggletonian haste.