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 (mo͞o-gŭl′) or Mo·gul (mō′gəl, mō-gŭl′)
1. A member of the force that under Baber invaded India in 1526.
2. A member of the Muslim dynasty founded by Baber that ruled India until 1857.

[Urdu muġal, muġul, from Persian muġul, from Mongolian Moṅgol, Mongol.]

Mu·ghal′ adj.
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(Historical Terms) a variant spelling of Mogul
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[ˈmuːgɑːl] Mogul [ˈməʊgʌl məʊˈgʌl]
adj [dynasty, empire] → moghol(e)
nMoghol(e) m/fmug shot nphoto f d'identité
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Now the permanent demise of Mughal rule is imminent.'
Reports said the conflict started in Zafar Colony a few days back when the Iftikhar Ahmed confronted Asif alias Kashi Mughal for allegedly harassing women of his family.
ISLAMABAD -- Amir Mughal and Adil Ansari had been appointed as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Deputy Information Secretaries.
Keywords: Diagenesis, Reservoir, Mughal Kot Formation, Sulaiman Range, Pakistan.
Former Interior Minister Senator Rehman A Malik has paid tributes to Mahrukh Mughal, a young writer, columnist and lecturer at the University of Lahore for her maiden book '2020 and Beyond: Un-ravelling Global Foreign Policy Dynamics' and termed it a valuable addition to the list of books on foreign policy and national and international issues of geostrategic importance.
Aseer Mughal took three wickets for 29 runs in 12 overs while captain Umer Eman took three wickets for 34 in 9.3 overs.
Bangladesh finished day two at 29 for two (overall lead, 101 runs) after Pakistan opening bowler Aseer Mughal had accounted for both openers with only 11 runs on the board, said the information made available here by the Pakistan Cricket Board.
The picture wall located inside the Lahore Fort was made by Mughal emperor Akbar 400 years ago.
There seems to be a trend in today's India about re-writing and slashing Mughal history.
Starring the supremely gorgeous pair Dilip Kumar and Madhubala, the movie chronicled the story of the Mughal Prince Salim (Kumar) who falls in love with Anarkali, a court dancer beneath his station.
The live singing, intricately designed choreography by Mayuri Upadhya, world-class production design and exquisitely designed Manish Malhotra costumes of the Mughal era have set new benchmarks for Indian theatre.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) organized a Quran Khawani for its former President and renowned business leader Munawar Mughal (late) at the occasion of his fourth death anniversary here on Thursday.