Mugil cephalus

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Noun1.Mugil cephalus - most important commercial mullet in eastern United StatesMugil cephalus - most important commercial mullet in eastern United States
gray mullet, grey mullet, mullet - freshwater or coastal food fishes a spindle-shaped body; found worldwide
genus Mugil, Mugil - type genus of the Mugilidae: mullets
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The list under 'B' alone, when read aloud, can be a tongue twister: baga-baga, bagaong, bakoko, balang o pez volador (Excoetidae), balila, banak (Mugil cephalus Linn.), bangokngok, barangan, bikuda, bidbid, bonito, buan-buan, buguing, bungayngay, butete (Tetraodontidae) and buteteng saguing (Spheroides lunaris Bleck et schn.).
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The size range of dominant species was generally similar during the day and night in the shore zone and nearshore (Table 3), with the exception of the size range of Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus, P=0.002) and striped mullet (Mugil cephalus, P < 0.001).
It was captured in gill nets together with several estuarine species, of which two (Striped Mullet Mugil cephalus and Flat-tail Mullet Liza argentea) are also listed here as they can often be found in the lower freshwater reaches of coastal rivers.
Mugil cephalus represento el 11,9%, encontrandose unicamente en la primera fecha de muestreo con una densidad media de 5,5 ind 100 [m.sup.-2].