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Noun1.Mujahedeen Khalq - Iranian guerillas based in Iraq
mujahadeen, mujahadein, mujahadin, mujahedeen, mujahedin, mujahideen, mujahidin - a military force of Muslim guerilla warriors engaged in a jihad; "some call the mujahidin international warriors but others just call them terrorists"
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In 2003, the Iranians offered to swap al Qaeda members held under house arrest for members of Mujahedeen Khalq, a militant group that seeks to overthrow the Iranian government, who are being detained by American forces in Iraq.
The attack on Sunday occurred a day after a member of the Saudi royal family addressed a rally in Paris for an Iranian opposition group, Mujahedeen Khalq. Prince Turki al-Faisal , who was both a Saudi intelligence chief and the kingdom's ambassador to the United States, lauded the militant organization, which is outlawed in Iran and has called for the overthrow of the Islamic republic.
Turki addressed the annual rally of Mujahedeen Khalq, an exiled Iranian dissident group that Iran designates a terrorist organization.
Referring to the terrorist group of Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO), Enayati said the terrorist group which committed numerous terrorist acts against Iranians in the past and was abandoned by the Iranian nation in the post-Islamic Revolution era, sought shelter in Iraq under Saddam Hussein's dictator regime.
| BRUSSELS, Dec 28 (KUNA) -- EU High Representative Catherine Ashton Saturday condemned "in the strongest terms "the rocket attack at Camp Hurriya, near Baghdad airport, that houses members of the Iranian opposition group, Mujahedeen Khalq on Thursday.
A source in the camp said to NINA : " Force of the 36 Brigade of Iraqi army reinforced by Swat troops attacked with various weapons at dawn today camp Ashraf which harbor about hindered of Mujahedeen Khalq , killing 19 and injuring dozens and arrested many of them moving them to unknown destination.
The Mujahedeen Khalq (MEK) is to be removed from the United States terrorist organisations list, the New York Times is reporting.
The group, the Mujahedeen Khalq, or People's Mujahedeen, has mounted a costly campaign to be removed from the terrorist list, enlisting an array of prominent American politicians and former military officers to press the case that the group abandoned violence years ago.
Daniel Benjamin, the State Department's coordinator for counterterrorism, suggested that the group, the Mujahedeen Khalq, or People's Mujahedeen, known as the M.E.K., could remain on the department's list of terrorist organizations if it does not completely vacate Camp Ashraf, its location since 1986.
US: Group of prominent Americans is lobbying President Barack Obama to lift designation of Iranian opposition group Mujahedeen Khalq as a terrorist group, The New York Times reported late Saturday.
Iraq's assurances that it will not permit an attack to be launched from its territory against Iran and will not tolerate the existence in Iraq of the Iranian Mujahedeen Khalq terrorist organization have further eased Iranian concerns.