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1. A soft boot made of reindeer skin or sealskin and worn by Eskimos.
2. A slipper with a soft sole resembling this boot.

[Yupik maklak, bearded seal (from whose skin the soles of mukluks have traditionally been made).]


(Clothing & Fashion) a soft boot, usually of sealskin, worn by Inuit people
[from Inuktitut muklok large seal]


or muc•luc

(ˈmʌk lʌk)

1. a soft boot worn by Eskimos, often lined with fur and usu. made of sealskin or reindeer skin.
2. a slipper or lounging boot resembling this.
[1865–70, Amer.; < Yupik maklak bearded seal]
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Les huit oeuvres maintenant exposees, choisies par la Yukon Permanent Art Collection, sont : Traditional Doll--Girl d'Annie Smith, Hingit Eagle Frontlet, du maitre sculpteur Keith Wolfe Smarch, Arrival of the Dog Team (un type de couverture traditionnelle concue pour etre portee par un chien et qui comporte des perles, des clochettes et des pompons) de Deb Enoch, Caribou Flagon (argent sterling et ramure) du joaillier et sculpteur David Ashley, Fire Bag de Gertie Tom, Raven's Flight du sculpteur Eugene Alfred, Forget-Me-Not Mukluks de Mary Deguerre et Wood-Ash Glazed Vessel With Lid de la ceramiste Monika Kate Steputh.
The eight works now on display, chosen from the Yukon permanent art collection, are: Traditional Doll--Girl by Annie Smith; Uingit Eagle Frontlet, by master carver Keith Wolfe Smarch; Arrival of the Dog Team (a traditional type of blanket designed to be worn by a dog, featuring beadwork, bells and tassels), by Deb Enoch; Caribou Flagon (sterling silver and antler), by jeweler/sculptor David Ashley; Fire Bag by Gertie Tom; Raven's Flight by carver Eugene Alfred; ForgetMe-Not Mukluks by Mary Deguerre, and Wood-Ash Glazed Vessel With Lid by ceramicist Monika Kate Steputh.
But Nottaway, dressed in traditional deerskin mukluks and holding her gun, was undeterred as she examined paw tracks and urine in the snow, sniffing out whether a deer was lurking nearby.
He apparently revelled in the northern scenery and even donned what were deemed "Indian mukluks" and was taken to see an abandoned trapper's cabin preserved on the mine property.
As that young officer at the radar site in Alaska, I refused to exchange an unopened bottle ofJim Beam with the old Indian for a pair of seal mukluks. How now not to feel that I should have taken the offer, Federal regs aside?
From Chris Hadfield to Cirque du Soleil, peacekeeping to poutine, as well as mukluks, toques, grizzlies and chinooks, this fast-moving and eye-opening book will give young Canadians plenty to cheer about.
Artists in Toronto will now have a chance to try their hand at making Manitobah Mukluks. The popular Indigenous moccasin and boot brand is opening a school as pan of the Storyboot Project at the Bata Shoe Museum in the city in September.
Whether you always listen to a certain song backstage or a put on a "lucky" pair of mukluks, there may be more power in your backstage routines than you think.
I fell in love with the tiny mukluks made by Yvonne, so I had to have a pair.
(I imagine this sentence spoken by a Brooklyn apartment dweller, a Jewish-mother type with a strong city accent complaining about her noisy neighbors): "She's a diva and he's a macho poseur--all that kvetching over a pair of khaki mukluks on the futon!"
Boots called ''Muttluks,'' fleece-lined boots that resemble furry Mukluks for people, were good sellers, as were Pawz disposable booties that look like balloons and come in 10-packs.