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Noun1.Mullah Omar - reclusive Afghanistani politician and leader of the Taliban who imposed a strict interpretation of shariah law on Afghanistan (born in 1960)
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The man she interviewed in detail in a Kabul safe house for her book was Jabbar Omari, the man who protected, fed and hid Mullah Omar. Omari had been a provincial governor when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan but acted mainly as a kind of valet and bodyguard to Omar after the US invaded Afghanistan.
Mullah Omar used a garden at the hideout to sunbathe, Mujahid added on Twitter.
\"Can you show me a single operation against the Haqqani network, against Mullah Omar, against Mullah Mansoor, Mansoor traveled on a Pakistani passport out of Karachi, does Fazlullah travel on an Afghan passport out of Kabul,\" asked Ghani.
He was promoted and supported by the Pakistani military in a power struggle for succession after news broke out about the demise of Mullah Omar three years earlier.
Mansour, Mullah Omar's deputy, concealed Mullah Omar's death for more than two years, and ran the Taliban in his name until the death was disclosed by the Afghan government.
Rather than assume the mantle of emir almu'minin (commander of the faithful) and directly challenge Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for leadership of the global jihadist movement, al-Zawahiri opted to play second fiddle to a man whose succession to Mullah Omar was opposed by significant factions of his own Taliban movement, some of whom depicted Mansoor as a pawn of Pakistan's intelligence services.
Mullah Omar's eldest son Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob and Mullah Abdul Manan who is the late Taliban leader brother, were both invited to be a members of the group leadership council, Taliban spokesman Qari Yousaf Ahmadi said.
2, was named leader after Mullah Omar's death was confirmed in July.
Worse was yet to come; on the eve of the second round of talks between the Afghan officials and Taliban, while both team members had reached Islamabad, the news of the death of Mullah Omar was disclosed.
"A clash erupted between supporters of Taliban new leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor and his opponents loyal to the former Taliban leader Mullah Omar in Akal village of Shindand district on Tuesday and so far 18 people from both sides have been killed and 10 others injured," Tolo said in its news bulletin.
Mullah Omar - once the all-powerful Taliban ruler of Afghanistan - was dying after years in exile, his kidney disease worsened by poisons slipped into his medicine.
And although the Taliban lost power after the US invasion in 2001, Mullah Omar remained in control of the organsation until his death in 2013.