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also mul·la  (mŭl′ə, mo͝ol′ə)
n. Islam
1. A religious teacher or leader, especially in Shiite practice.
2. Used as a form of address for such a teacher.

[Urdu mullā, from Persian, from Arabic mawlā, master, friend, from waliya, to become near, be in charge; see wly in Semitic roots.]

mul′lah·ism n.
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(ˈmʌlə; ˈmʊlə) or




(Islam) (formerly) a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect
[C17: from Turkish molla, Persian and Hindi mulla, from Arabic mawlā master]
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or mul•la

(ˈmʌl ə, ˈmʊl ə, ˈmu lə)

n., pl. -lahs or -las.
a Muslim teacher of the sacred law.
[1605–15; < Persian or Urdu mullā < Arabic mawlā master]
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A Turkish word meaning master, used to mean a Muslim teacher, scholar, or religious leader.
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Noun1.mullah - a Muslim trained in the doctrine and law of IslamMullah - a Muslim trained in the doctrine and law of Islam; the head of a mosque
ulama, ulema - the body of Mullahs (Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law) who are the interpreters of Islam's sciences and doctrines and laws and the chief guarantors of continuity in the spiritual and intellectual history of the Islamic community
Moslem, Muslim - a believer in or follower of Islam
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[ˈmʌlə] Nmullah m
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[ˈmʊlə] nmollah m
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nMullah m
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[ˈmʌlə] nmullah m inv
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References in classic literature ?
He made Kim learn whole chapters of the Koran by heart, till he could deliver them with the very roll and cadence of a mullah. Moreover, he told Kim the names and properties of many native drugs, as well as the runes proper to recite when you administer them.
Okaz newspaper in its editorial entitled ''Crises suffocate Iranian mullahs'' said that while the internal front of Iran is in a state of disintegration after the wave of anger that had swept the country, finally the mullahs' regime has found itself surrounded by crises, indicating that Mullahs' representatives in the international community are trying to ease the impact of possible US measures to impose sanctions and abolish the nuclear deal.
Ever since the mullahs appeared in Iran as a distinct profession in the 19th century, they have developed paraphernalia of devices and contraptions linked to their trade.
It might be that a few of you will be not agreed and especially home-made politicians and Mullahs. It is true that in Pakistan whole political systems is wrong and no one tried to fix it.
After a petition to restrict Friday sermons, tensions between Kurdish mullahs and intellectuals grows, as do calls for mutual understanding.
"Waris Shah, Khuda dian khanian noon eeh mullah bhi chambray hain blain" (Waris Shah, mullahs are evil forces clinging to God's place).
Ditto for the history of Hezbollah, the Shiite Arab terrorist group in Lebanon created in the 1980s by Iranian mullahs. After murdering Americans at the US embassy in Beirut, and blowing up 241 U.S.
Until the summer of 2002, when Iran's main democratic opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), lifted the lid on 18 years of deceit by the mullahs about their nuclear programmes, the regime was vehemently denying it was happening and the international community was none the wiser.
But on the highly anticipated day marking the dormitory incident five years before, I did not smell any of the telltale odors Ledeen described--and there were plenty of mullahs on the street.
None of the women in Nafisi's class fits the American stereotype of Iranians as being either religious zealots wholly committed to the regime or irreligious hedonists aping pious behaviors because the mullahs force them to.
Members of Birmingham's Iranian community will take part in a rally in Brussels today to call on the European Union to end dealings with the Gulf state's ruling mullahs.
The result is instructive and important to Americans reared on a media diet of fanatical mullahs preaching jihad to chanting masses.