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n.1.A die, cut in intaglio, for stamping an ornament in relief, as upon metal.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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WIMBOLDSLEY: A mobile classroom is proposed in the playground at Wimboldsley Community Primary School, Nantwich Road by Jenni Mullar
Mullar first measured five segments of the humerus by using the margins of articular surfaces and key points of muscle attachment.
Henning Mullar et al, used techniques that help in retrieval of medical images in field of radiology.
Ivermectin is effective to treat canine generalized demodicosis at dosages of 400-600 micrograms/kg orally once daily (Mullar, 2004).
MARYLAND--Rick Barrett, Shameka Bivens, Steve Braun, Bruce Bussiere, Lisa Gamble-Gregg, Laretta Johnson, Jacquelyn Kosh-Suber, Cheryl Lancaster, Jason Mullar, Ghia Ridley Pearson, Edward Reilly
(6.) Ludwig MWB, da Silva Oliveira M, Mullar MC, Duarte de Moraes JE Quality of life and site of the lesion in dermatological patients.
As well as having his vehicle seized, Mullar was also ordered to attend a Thinking Skills Programme, complete unpaid work and pay compensation of pounds 100 to each of the three victims from the affray.
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Ese mismo ano se creo el grupo de descriptores de Munich, integrado por Hartwig, Benecke, Mullar y Dosch (Benecke y Dosch 2004:7).
Max Mullar (1869) rightly remarked that caste cannot be abolished in India and any attempt to abolish it would be one of the most hazardous operations.
Head coach Barry Coonan brings back the majority of his starters from last year's squad, which went 5-8 in their first season of varsity action, including senior captains Miss Coonan, Brittney Boyd, Jaime Fitzpatrick and Pillar Mullar.