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 (mŭl′tē-kŭl′chər-əl, -tī-)
1. Of, relating to, or including several cultures.
2. Of or relating to a social or educational theory that encourages interest in many cultures within a society rather than in only a mainstream culture.

mul′ti·cul′tur·al·ism n.
mul′ti·cul′tur·al·ist n.
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(Sociology) consisting of, relating to, or designed for the cultures of several different races
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(ˌmʌl tiˈkʌl tʃər əl, ˌmʌl taɪ-)

of or pertaining to multiculturalism: a multicultural curriculum.
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Adj.1.multicultural - of or relating to or including several cultures; "a multicultural event"
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[ˌmʌltɪˈkʌltʃərəl] ADJmulticultural
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multi-cultural [ˌmʌltiˈkʌltʃərəl] adj [society] → multiculturel(le)
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Senator Stephen Douglas had argued, in an echo of today's multiculturalists, that, since the founders did not abolish slavery and some owned slaves themselves, the Declaration's "all men are created equal" must have excluded black men and women.
Sowell writes that fundamental flaw of the multiculturalists is that they abhor any judgments about culture, holding that all cultures should be considered equally valid, even if there is evidence to the contrary.
The multiculturalists' blithe notion of expecting all kinds of peoples, with all kinds of histories, to live together happily is perhaps the most profoundly irresponsible idea of all.
His comment, factually debatable and politically inappropriate, drew harsh criticism from the country's multiculturalists, and was eventually contradicted by Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Donald Trump and the campus multiculturalists want to organise people by ethnic tribe, which has always been the menacing temptation throughout our history.
Plus UKIP would no doubt cite "dark satanic mills" as a warning to multiculturalists about foreign child abuse rings in old northern cotton towns.
consequently ethnic minorities' struggle based on the multiculturalists principles for the recognition of their religious identity by the state is not an initiative that places secularism under crisis'.
The Multiculturalists: Like the postliberals described above, multiculturalists believe that religions are much more different than they are alike, and one of the biggest imperatives and challenges of living in a multicultural and multireligious society is to preserve the "multi"--the differences.
Multiculturalists (22%) laud the student goal: "learns how to work with people from diverse backgrounds." They're more likely to be African-American, to self-identify as liberal, and to live in an urban area.
Contrary then to what various critics claim, multiculturalists have long acknowledged the importance of a nation's identity and people's sense of it, but they also note how both can come to include cultural minorities as they do change.
For multiculturalists and advanced liberals generally, the term majority designates a totality in the sense of an all-embracing abstract ideological commitment, substituting for an historical human society that tolerates no dissent, and that everyone subject to its oversight is compelled to recognize.
For many multiculturalists, liberal autonomy is deemed too "sectarian," demanding, or intolerant a value on which to base political morality for a culturally diverse society.

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