dual citizenship

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du′al cit′izenship

the status of a person who is a legal citizen of two or more countries.
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Among their topics are looking for citizenship in archaic Greece: methodology and historical problems, the case of multiple citizenship holders in the Graeco-Roman east, citizens among outsiders in Plautus' Roman cosmopolis: a moment of change, Egyptians and citizenship from the first century AD to the Constitutio Antoniniana, metaphorical appeals to civic ethos in Lycurgus' Against Leocrates, and the idea of cosmopolitanism from its origin to the 21st century.
Citizenship in Global Perspective: From Unitary to Multiple Citizenship,
According to Australia's constitution, a person cannot run for federal office if they hold dual or multiple citizenship.
In states where the nation is built on territorial belonging, citizenship policies are related to the territory: "jus soli," or right of soil, and they often allow for multiple citizenship, as is the case in the US and in France.
The most important developments include a turn toward "citizenship of residency" rather than exclusive nationality, the institution of "flexible" dual or multiple citizenship, and the "disaggregation" of citizenship into rights-bearing modes of membership for noncitizen immigrants, guest workers, refugees, and asylees.
THE BUREAU of Immigration (BI) yesterday said it would no longer issue alien certificate of registration identity cards (ACR I-Card) to Filipinos holding dual or multiple citizenship.
Germany still mostly frowns on dual or multiple citizenship, a debate relevant to the 1.
It also gave rise to a series of opinion pieces in newspapers about the dangers of making the Canadian passport too readily available and continuing to allow Canadians to hold dual or multiple citizenship (a practice permitted under Canadian law since 1977).
Political scientist Stanley Renshon warns that multiple citizenship in an era of cultural pluralism is likely to encourage the maintenance of "former cultural/country attachments .
In an era of increasing mobility and multiple citizenship, how should we define Australia's population?
Multiple citizenship also facilitates "the spread of transnational communities of descent, diasporic communities whose members have sought to strengthen democratic arrangements in their home countries.
Being Israeli, The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship, by Gershon Shafir and Yoav Peled.

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