Multiple transformer

(Elec.) A transformer connected in multiple or in parallel with the primary circuit.
A transformer with more than one primary or more than one secondary coil.

See also: Transformer, Transformer

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This project will replace the B4 220/66 kV transformer and nine 66 kV circuit breakers and change the circuit configuration to reduce the probability of multiple transformer outages arising from a single asset failure.
The potential failure of multiple transformers in the densest part of the already overloaded grid could result in catastrophic business interruptions and costly economic impact.
For the comic fan, IDW Publishing has committed to publishing multiple TRANSFORMERS movie-based comic book series over the next two years including more than 10 titles alone in 2007.
MultiCharge replaces the active electronic module and multiple transformers present in most currentEV chargers, with a single 3 phase 440 volt main passive unit comprising a zigzag auto transformer, harmonic filter, interphasetransformer & rectifier block and distribution bus & control unit.
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