Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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These affects enable the works to tell compelling stories, to represent places in a way that carries a certain force of truth - partial, messy, and multiplicious, but truth nonetheless; knowledge that hits home.
He has been told by locals that "you are supposed to see a city when you take yage" (Burroughs and Ginsberg 21), and, expectations always shaping the plastic hallucinogenic reality, so he does, a twisted Otherworld in which time and space have run together, a multiplicious dream-city of exotic minarets and junkies on hammocks, of violence and cheap sex, of larval entities and "WWIII pitchmen selling remedies for radiation sickness" (Naked 49).
(15) Furthermore, his rational, authoritarian voice undercuts the multiplicious impression of the past that he occasionally attempts to convey.
While both crimes may both be proved in the same case for the same period of time, they have been held multiplicious for sentencing purposes.
multiplicious for findings where the forgeries were committed to
While genres cannot be simply transported from culture to culture, as an ansatzpunkt they can be understood to radiate out from a specific point of origin, becoming ever mor e multiplicious.
It may sparkle, still literally but not in that strongly literal sense, if it reflects light in a multiplicious way, as for example through many small mirrors.
Multiplicity (or Multiplicious for Findings): The Issues Are Normally Legislative Intent and Double Jeopardy
The judge may rule the convening authority's charges are multiplicious, both for findings and sentencing.
In other words, avoid multiplicious charges or an unreasonable multiplication of charges.