Multiplying gear

(Mach.) gear for increasing speed.

See also: Multiply

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Second option is an application of multiplying gear. The two driving systems have been compared.
The results have been achieved, when multiplying gear has been applied.
In order to expand the latter, a multiplying gear was employed.
In order to compare the properties of the Mitsubishi SJ-P F7.5 drive equipped with the multiplying gear and the direct drives, the nominal power graphs P=f(n) for two electrospindles (delivered by Siemens) 1PH2254-6WB41 (thin continuous line) and 1PH2143-4WF42 (thin dashed line) were superimposed on the power demand graph.
The conclusions of application of the Mitsubishi SJ-PF7.5 motor without the multiplying gear and with the multiplying gear with ratio i=3 and both electrospindles (fig.
The paper presents the alternative solution for the main drive of milling machine, when the multiplying gear or the electrospindles are used.
In May, problems were discovered in the multiplying gear, which is used to raise the pressure of the pump feeding the secondary coolant to the steam generator at the turbine building.

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