a.1.(Bot.) Arranged in many rows, or series, as the scales of a pine cone, or the leaves of the houseleek.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"They were designed at the same time," he added, but noted that the RSX4 includes an illuminated front-panel control and display with four buttons, redundant power supplies, dual AC inputs, a web-browser interface, a 10/100 Ethernet port, an LXI-certified C3-Lite controller, a multiserial port (RS-232C/422A/485), and an alarm port with hard contact.
The multiserial data terminal is used to collect the PLC/OPC data from the central heating substations, which includes the different condition parameters measurement for central heating substation via GPRS wireless communications.
Male fore basitarsus very swollen, longer than tibia and dorsally with very long and multiserial bristles.
In 15-day's age the tunica mucosa cranial of a part oviduct of chickens is covered single-layered multiserial epithelium, which height is 8,5[+ or -]0,5 [micro]m.
(1993): Biometric analysis of multiserial chamber proliferation in Santonian Heterohelicidae (Planktic foraminifera).
Figure 91 exhibits a uniserial ladder, and Figure 92 exhibits a multiserial ladder, both found in rabbit hairs.
15): uncus delgado y agudo, con ensanchamiento poco notorio, cuello del uncus mediano, con engrosamiento basal evidente y angulado en sus bordes; valva con cucullus delgado provisto de corona multiserial de espinas fuertes y abundantes; complejo del "clasper" con ampulla muy desarrollada de apice agudo y proyectada dorsalmente sin sobresalir de la valva, "clasper" agudo y poco desarrollado, digitus curvo, sobresale a la valva ventralmente por dos tercios de su longitud, la que es tres veces su ancho basal; yuxta ancoriforme; saccus de apice agudo; aedeago (Fig.
Premolars and molars, in contrast to incisors, have an inner layer of radial enamel and an outer layer of multiserial enamel, an arrangement that probably is related to propalinal mastication.
This product delivers high signal performance coupled with advanced remote/manual control and monitoring with 10/100 LXI-certified Ether net port, multiserial port, front-panel control, direct alarm input port, and auto-sense (on some PUCs).
Figure 10 exhibits a uniserial ladder, and Figure 11 exhibits a multiserial ladder, both found in rabbit hairs.
The C3 controller features 10/100 Ethernet (LXI certified), USB 2.0, and multiserial (RS-232C/422A/485) control ports."

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