n.1.A word of many syllables; a polysyllable.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Jerome cherishes the wonder of words all around him - short and sweet words, two-syllable treats, and multisyllable words that sound like little songs.
Just like with real estate, this makes the stock market more accessible to people outside the multisyllable abracadabra club.
There are lots of multisyllable words, word meanings are fairly easy for early-grade children, and sentences aren't very complex.
This analysis was not conducted for the multisyllable word section because there was only one real word for each of the multisyllable word subscales.
Syllabic division in Tatar differs from the Russian one mainly by the fact, that in dissyllable and multisyllable words, the second and following syllables show a strong dislike for two consonants nearby in the beginning of combinations, for instance: [kosh/ta] "on the bird", [kis/ken] "cut".
Reading instruction through this program starts at the smallest unit of sounds (phonemes) and moves to syllables, words, multisyllable words, phrases, sentences, and passages.
The CR decoding strand includes a careful progression of skill development from level to level and addresses critical reading components: phonemic awareness, phonics (including decoding multisyllable words), fluency, and to a lesser extent, vocabulary and comprehension.
Given that many older students with reading problems continue to struggle with decoding words (Paulesu et al., 2001) and reading less phonetically regular words with automaticity (Goswami, 1993), we also included explicit instruction in English phonology, recognizing highfrequency words accurately and quickly, and a strategy for applying phonics elements to reading multisyllable words.
Measures of working memory used an immediate recall format that included lists of phonetically dissimilar single syllable words, phonetically dissimilar single-syllable non-words, and multisyllable words.
Other highlights include phonemic awareness assessment and progress assessments and a unique marking system to help students recognize letter and vowel sounds, likely and unlikely sequences, and the structure of syllabication, beginning with individual phonemes through the decoding of multisyllable words.
Making Sense of Phonics: The Hows and Whys provides practical ideas for building children's decoding skills by teaching letter-sound relationships, blending, word building and multisyllable words.
(first report card) * He will correctly count the number of syllables in multisyllable words read to him from his textbooks.