a.1.Having many tubes; as, a multitubular boiler.
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For the infrastucture part: - 2 displacements of the bidirectional service road north / south towards the west including marking / masking and displacement of gba at night, - demolition of the roadway: Approximately 1400 m 2 (of which 200 m2 at night), - mast removal: 4 units, - removal of esp network in gallery: About 300m, - removal of ecc / eg network in gallery: About 300m, - pavement creation: About 1500 m 2 (6cm bbsg cl3 - 12cm gb cl3 - 20cm gtlh on a 30 to 40cm layer of gnt) (including 200 m 2 at night), - creation of sidewalk 200 m 2 (3c m bb on 12 cm gtlh) bordered by a border t3 (260m) and a cs3 (130m), - supply and installation of multitubular block.
A multitubular drain was applied laterally to the midline to the abdominal wall suture at the scrotal region (Figure 2).
Fitted with two eight cylinder two-stroke cycle single acting heavy oil engines, steam for domestic purposes was supplied by two oil-fired horizontal multitubular boilers made by Riley Brothers.
4) A medium-temperature multitubular cyclone is newly designed and is located in the upper part of the back-pass.
The first model made its appearance in 1949: an alloy two-seater body on a multitubular steel chassis.
Like most industries the original 1925 boiler was a Lancashire type, coal fired and pretty labour intensive by today's standards, eventually being replaced by two vertical multitubular boilers also coal fired but more compact and more efficient.
En 1815 Edward patento su motor de vapor compuesto; y posteriormente en 1828 Perkins construyo la primera caldera de vapor de alta presion y Seguin diseno la caldera multitubular.
this lot includes: - road works with the creation of new roads and platforms, - horizontal and vertical signs, - setting up a multitubular network, - network works (sanitation, rainwater), - public lighting.
Contract notice: framework agreement for multitubular diagnostic work and identification of cfo and cfa cables
Contract notice: case no 240 508 - paris-orly lot 10u - production of a peripheral multitubular on track 3 (08/26)
Significant quantities: earthworks and vrd - earthworks: 18,000 m 3 , - support gabions (ht max 4 m): 170 ml, - drainage channel / sanitation nozzles: 2 900 ml, - manholes and sanitation boxes: 170 units, - deep look: 1 unit, - buried basins: 300 m 3 , - lighting: 4,000 ml of sheaths and 145 light points, - cable duct: 50 ml, - various sleeves: 22 000 ml, - 23,000 ml multitubular sleeves (2300 ml x 10 sleeves on average), - draw rooms: 280 units - aep / ei conducts: 2500 ml, - fire booster station: 240 m 3 / h, - gas line: 750 ml, - concrete curbs and gutters: 8000 ml, - coated surfaces: 16 000 m 2 , - heavy road mix: 3,700 m 2 , - light road mix: 4,500 m 2 , - coated pedestrian paths: 6 500 m 2 , - concrete pedestrian areas: 1 100 m 2 , - fences: 1,800 ml.
This contract includes services of studies, supplies, works, tests and commissioning associated with railway track equipment 60e1 on monobloc sleepers and switches with their maneuvering systems; catenary equipment type 1V 1500V; control and control equipment for switches, retractable knockers and retractable catenary elements; linear equipment in tunnel and trench of the access road to the SMI (sidewalk including multitubular, cable trays, dry column).