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n.1.(Zool.) Any mollusk which has a shell composed of more than two pieces.
a.1.Having many valves.
2.(Zool.) Many-valved; having more than two valves; - said of certain shells, as the chitons.
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Beverage selection occurs by means of a large touch screen that both customers and bartenders can easily use: the innovative multivalve can dispense the entire range of PepsiCo products by means of interactive selection among 4 different pre-set glass doses.
There is no evidence for its prognostic benefit or use in multivalve disease.
Therefore, it is the duty of teachers to fine tune language in schooling practices to match children's varied needs in rural, urban, farm, high density and low density schools, thereby maximising their access to multivalve forms of knowledge.
The limitations of this approach are that the parametric relationship of inlet model curves and its surfaces is inexistence, and just only the local structure area can be adjusted, so that it restricts the design and development of innovative inlet port types, especially restraining the application and evolution of the multivalve technology on the traditional engine.
2 engine ensures it is a very useable unit which is easy to live with and not harsh or hard on the ears because it''s not a multivalve engine.
8 multivalve engine goes into each, but while the lower powered unit produces 140bhp, the top model has an extra 50bhp - and not a turbocharger in sight.
FPT's industrial engine range features multivalve systems, fixed or variable geometry turbochargers, mehanical injection systems, high-pressure common rail systems or electronic control fuel injectors, as well as internal recirculation of oil vapor to prevent air emissions.
Baby boomers and Gen Xers alike hate to waste time--or energy--hence the recent surge in products that meet buyers' expectations quickly and efficiently Think tankless water heaters, pot-filler faucets, structured wiring, high-speed cable networks, and multivalve shower schemes, all of which can save a few precious seconds in a homeowner's busy day
Many servicepeople don't understand how to operate the multivalve, how much sand to put in the tank or when to backwash.
But GM also offers world-class OHC multivalve mills in premium and performance products where the engine's image matters for the 20 to 30 percent who would not be satisfied with "yestertech" pushrod engines however powerful, refined and efficient.
They included low-friction lubricants, multivalve overhead camshaft, variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation, high-speed automatic transmission, and improved rolling resistance, among other things.
To keep plants irrigated automatically, you could install a highly efficient, multivalve automatic irrigation system.