Munchausen by proxy

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Munchaüsen by proxy

n. potestad de Munchaüsen, abuso de la madre o progenitor de causar en el niño-a una enfermedad o exagerar problemas de la enfermedad que no existen.
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Segun Meadow (2002), el Sindrome de Munchausen by proxy se puede utilizar para describir formas especificas de maltrato infantil, o para dar nombre al diagnostico atribuido al perpetrador, quien en la mayoria de los casos es la madre.
Hospitalized Child: Munchausen by Proxy, 43 PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY 270, 270
Is this a case of "doctor knows best syndrome?" Incidentally, when was Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome re-labeled Factitious Illness Disorder?
Law enforcement agents and physicians working in emergency medicine, toxicology, and pediatrics around the world address methods of detection for specific toxins that are common, recently prominent, or highlighted in the media, from acids to herbals to drugs of abuse, with case studies and overviews of analytical detection, potential delivery methods, toxicologic mechanisms, effects, and additional chapters on medical serial killers, Munchausen by proxy, and drug-facilitated sexual assault.
Munchausen by proxy syndrome involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caregiver.
Consequently, no physician has the opportunity to make the diagnosis of Munchausen By Proxy. More Munchausen By Proxy would be diagnosed if more primary care physicians, who routinely make referrals to specialists, were involved.
If Munchausen by proxy is an answer choice, pick it.
The diagnostic category of PCF grew out of the attempt to clarify the constellation of behaviors associated with Munchausen by Proxy syndrome.
Remember Munchausen by Proxy, the supposed condition that led to Angela Cannings being given life?
He was reduced from a normal little boy to the pitiful state in which he was before his final admission to hospital.' The court heard how single mother Dickinson suffered from Munchausen by Proxy - an attention seeking disorder which drives sufferers to harm others.
A MUNCHAUSEN by Proxy sufferer who slowly poisoned her young son with a deadly cocktail of prescribed drugs was jailed for life yesterday.