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Fellow Tremeloe Dave Munden did appear, but looking frail, while Steve Ellis, lead singer of Love Affair, was suffering from a chest infection and sore throat.
My colleagues and I were always amused that Munden wouldn't accept a live-fire, lead-bullet exhibition showdown with Reed.
Sara Latif/Caroline Thompson won both rubbers against Angela Cross/Jill Munden and Diana Best/Alison Franks.
Brian, lead guitarist Rick West, rhythm guitarist Alan Blakley, bassist Alan Howard and drummer Dave Munden travelled the length and breadth of the country, playing souped-up covers of American songs such as the Isley Brothers' Twist And Shout (also covered by The Beatles), The Contours' Do You Love Me?
It takes 15/100 of a second to blink and Bob Munden has just drawn and fired a 4.
The legendary Bob Munden not only embraced this rank, he lived it on a daily basis.
Global Banking News-March 19, 2014--Lincoln Financial's Karla Munden among Corporate America's 'Most Influential Blacks'
vic Bri erv serv Bsey yem Brian Munden, who served in the RAF for 20 years, had campaign medals stolen as well as Christmas presents for his kids and wife Kerry's jewellery.
And $10,000 each was given to Cary Supalo, of West Lafayette, Indiana, who has pioneered alternative tools and techniques designed to allow blind people to participate in the sciences; Jerry Munden, of Charlotte, North Carolina, who spearheaded the development of products designed to help blind diabetics manage their diabetes independently; and the Braille Institute of America's Braille Challenge, a nationwide competition based out of Southern California, which motivates blind students to learn and enjoy braille.
Also under construction at the moment are coldstores in Hannoversch Munden and Gartringen, while a facility in Schneiderkrug was recently completed.
com)-- Imagination Creative Director, Executive Producer of Events, Lee Munden, will be speaking on day one in the Marketing and Business Theatre on 'Big brands don't cry: Successful marketing events for household names.