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n. Abbr. Twp. or Tp. or T
1. A subdivision of a county in most northeast and Midwest US states, having the status of a unit of local government with varying governmental powers.
2. A public land surveying unit of 36 sections or 36 square miles.
3. An ancient administrative division of a large parish in England.
4. A suburb or city in South Africa formerly designated by the government as a predominantly black residential area.
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1. (Human Geography) a small town
2. (Human Geography) (in the Scottish Highlands and islands) a small crofting community
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the US and Canada) a territorial area, esp a subdivision of a county: often organized as a unit of local government
4. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly, in South Africa) a planned urban settlement of Black Africans or Coloured people. Compare location4
5. (Historical Terms) English history
a. any of the local districts of a large parish, each division containing a village or small town
b. the particular manor or parish itself as a territorial division
c. the inhabitants of a township collectively
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(ˈtaʊn ʃɪp)

1. a unit of local government, usu. a subdivision of a county, found in most midwestern and northeastern states of the U.S. and in most Canadian provinces.
2. (in U.S. surveys of public land) a region or district approximately 6 miles square (93.2 sq. km), containing 36 sections.
a. one of the local divisions or districts of a large parish in ancient England.
b. the parish itself.
4. (in South Africa) a residential settlement for blacks, located outside a city or town.
[before 900]
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 the inhabitants of a town, collectively, c. 890.
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Noun1.township - an administrative division of a countytownship - an administrative division of a county; "the town is responsible for snow removal"
administrative district, administrative division, territorial division - a district defined for administrative purposes
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[ˈtaʊnʃɪp] N (= small town) → pueblo m (US) → municipio m (South Africa) asentamiento urbano creado en tiempos del apartheid para gente de raza negra en Sudáfrica
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[ˈtaʊnʃɪp] ntownship m or f
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n(Stadt)gemeinde f; (US) → Verwaltungsbezirk m; (US Surv) → 6 Meilen großes Gebiet; (in South Africa) → Township f
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[ˈtaʊnʃɪp] ntownship f inv
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The cities composing this league retained their municipal jurisdiction, appointed their own officers, and enjoyed a perfect equality.
According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), more than half of the approximately 160,000 Naqab Bedouins reside in unrecognized villages, which the state refuses to provide with a planning structure and place under municipal jurisdiction.
It is under the municipal jurisdiction of Itbayat, an island town of Batanes.
An earlier report by the Israeli NGO B'tselem confirmed those findings, saying that "some 15% of the land area in East Jerusalem (about 8.5% of Jerusalem's municipal jurisdiction) is zoned for residential use by Palestinian residents, although Palestinians currently account for 40% of the city's population."
It can only apply to federal matters, not provincial or municipal jurisdiction.
An equally disturbing stipulation in the bill is that it removes two Palestinian neighbourhoods from the municipal jurisdiction of the city - Kufr Aqab and the Shufat refugee camp - thereby achieving another milestone in its demographic war on Palestinians.
An equally disturbing stipulation in the bill is that it removes two Palestinian neighborhoods from the municipal jurisdiction of the city.
Phases I till VIII of DHA Karachi are contiguous, and fall under the municipal jurisdiction of the Clifton Cantonment Board (CCB).
Referring to the plan to resolve public problems and quick completion of work, he said that the issues like approval of designs of the buildings including houses, shops and plazas in the municipal jurisdiction will be resolved in the stipulated time from 15 days to 30 days as recently directed by the AJK government.
By Ritchie Horario and Jomar Canlas/Manila The battle for the municipal jurisdiction over Fort Bonifacio has gotten more intense after a lawmaker from Taguig City yesterday vowed a united fight against Makati City, which is claiming the bustling business centre.
According to them, the responsible persons at the municipality of Centar led by Mayor Vladimir Todorovik at the time consciously undertook projects that were not under municipal jurisdiction. The numerous contentious projects also include the construction of the two bridges "Eye" and "The Bridge of Art." The municipality, according to Taseva, was not authorized to build in the river bed since that was a responsibility of the City of Skopje.

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