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1. often muniments Law Documentary evidence by which one can defend a title to property or a claim to rights.
2. Archaic A means of defense or protection.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin mūnīmentum, from Latin, defense, protection, from mūnīre, to fortify; see munition.]


rare a means of defence
[C15: via Old French, from Latin munīre to defend]


(ˈmyu nə mənt)

1. muniments, Law. a document by which rights or privileges are defended or maintained.
2. Archaic. a defense or protection.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Medieval Latin mūnīmentum document for use in defense against a claimant, Latin: defense =mūnī(re) to fortify (see munition) + -mentum -ment]
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Florida Uniform Title Standard 3.6 states "[t]he fact that an instrument such as a deed or mortgage is undated, bears a date subsequent to the date of the acknowledgement, or bears an impossible date does not affect the validity of the instrument as a muniment of title." It should be noted that the true date of a valid deed is when the deed is delivered to the complete control of the grantee, with no conditions or contingencies.