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n. microabsceso, absceso diminuto.
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Histopathological examination revealed confluent parakeratosis with neutrophil aggregates (Munro microabscess), diminution of the granular cell layer, acanthosis, papillary edema, tortuous and dilated capillaries, and a superficial perivascular chronic inflammatory infiltration, consistent with psoriasis vulgaris [Figure 1]f.
A second histopathological was performed in the erythematous, scaly lesions (knees), revealing epidermis with acanthosis psoriaseforme, parakeratosis, and neutrophils accumulation in the stratum corneum (Munro microabscesses).
Mature lesions exhibit parakeratosis alternating with hyperkeratosis, epidermal acanthosis, Munro microabscesses and dermal perivascular infiltrate containg neutrophils, lymphocytes and macrophages.