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n. pl. Munsee or Mun·sees
1. A member of a subgroup of the Delaware group of Native American peoples, formerly inhabiting northern New Jersey and southeastern New York, and later also inhabiting Ontario.
2. The Algonquian language of this people.
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(ˈmʌn si)

n., pl. -sees, (esp. collectively) -see.
1. a member of an American Indian people, one of the Delaware group.
2. the Eastern Algonquian language of the Munsee and closely related peoples.
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Historian Paul Otto maintains that the seemingly one-sided nature of the transaction between the Munsee Indians and the Dutch has been grossly exaggerated and misunderstood.
Richly illustrated with more than ninety historical and contemporary images, historical maps, and maps drawn especially for the book, "Revolting New York" provides the first comprehensive account of the historical geography of revolt in New York, from the earliest uprisings of the Munsee against the Dutch occupation of Manhattan in the seventeenth century to the Black Lives Matter movement and the unrest of the Trump era.
Revolting New York: How 400 Years of Riot, Rebellion, Uprising, and Revolution Shaped a City offers an extraordinary chronology of the Big Apple's willingness to fight for, well, just about anything, from Munsee Indian attacks on Dutch settlers in 1655 to slave revolts in 1712 to antiabolitionist, flour, and military-draft riots in the mid 1800s to labor and communist unrest and all manner of rabble rousing throughout the last hundred years up to Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and early Trump protests.
Munsee. Observations on food habits of four species of spadefoot toads, genus Scaphiopus.
The bookAEs eight case studies apply linguistics principles to the analysis of historical texts in the Algonquian language family: Potawatomi, Meskwaki-Sauk, Arapaho, Gros Ventre, Peoria, and Munsee Delaware.
Munsee Indian trade in Ulster County, New York, 1712-1732.
As an Indigenous (Munsee Lenape) scholar, I want to underscore that my goal here is not to be prescriptive but descriptive, in a productive way that can help raise questions about rhetorics and responsibility and connect conversations happening in North American Indigenous studies, Native Hawaiian studies, Asian-American studies, rhetoric studies, and museum studies in this place.
and Munsee JR: Diet of the mole Scalopus aquaticus from the Coastal Plain Region of South Carolina.
He was also a proud Navy veteran, serving in both World War II and the Korean War serving as a Chief Hospital Corpsman and Chief Pharmacists Mate and served aboard the USS Madison, PC 477, USS Great Sitkin and USS Munsee. He retired from the Navy in 1960 and worked in medical equipment sales for NCG.
Croix Tribal Stockbridge Munsee Tribal WYOMING-Tribal Wind River Agency Agencies PUERTO RICO AND Puerto Rico OTHER OUTLYING Virgin Islands: St.
at 103-05 (majority opinion) (describing treaties with the Delaware, the Pottawatomie, the Sioux, the Ottawa, the Miami, the Peoria, the Winnebago in Minnesota, and the Stockbridge and Munsee in Wisconsin).
The recordings offer Silent Night in French, English, Japanese, Munsee, Inuktitut and Cree.