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 (myo͝o-rä′, mü-), Joachim 1767-1815.
French marshal who aided Napoleon's coup d'état (1799) and was appointed king of Naples (1808).


(French myra)
(Biography) Joachim (ʒɔaʃɛ̃). 1767-1815, French marshal, during the Napoleonic Wars; king of Naples (1808–15)


(myʊˈræ, -ˈrɑ)

Joachim, 1767?–1815, French marshal: king of Naples 1808–15.



a river in E Turkey, flowing W to the Euphrates. 425 mi. (685 km) long. Also called Mu•rad Su (mʊˈrɑd ˈsu)
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Murat, Joachim, Prince The Vendetta The Gondreville Mystery Colonel Chabert Domestic Peace
After exchanging a few words with his brother, the First Consul made a sign with his hand, which Murat and Lannes obeyed by retiring.
The honorable, the king's attorney, is informed by a friend of the throne and religion, that one Edmond Dantes, mate of the ship Pharaon, arrived this morning from Smyrna, after having touched at Naples and Porto-Ferrajo, has been intrusted by Murat with a letter for the usurper, and by the usurper with a letter for the Bonapartist committee in Paris.
Count Lichtenfels was here this morning," Bilibin continued, "and showed me a letter in which the parade of the French in Vienna was fully described: Prince Murat et tout le tremblement.
Earlier, the General Manager Avari Hotels, Azeem Quaraishi, in his welcome address said Murat M.
A photo posted by Murat Yildirim (@mrtyldrm) on Nov 13, 2016 at 10:08pm PST
Murat The school group consists of a nursery school classes and 6/7 of an elementary school of 11 classes, ground floor, for a total gross floor area of ?
A cultural historian, Murat is comfortable with the limitations of the psychiatric archives, including its gaps, its coded language, and inconsistencies.
En lenguaje simbolico, si, es indudable, la diferencia entre Nueva York y Oaxaca es el senor Murat.
Fueron adquiridas en 2004, cuando Nelson Murat dejo la gubernatura de Oaxaca, en la que seguramente fue juntando sus centavitos hasta reunir el millon y pico de dolares que le costaron las citadas propiedades, las que puso a nombre de sus hijos Alejandro y Eduardo una, y otra de Ximena y Lorena, sus hijas.
The court found Murat Ospanov guilty in organization of a crime and taking bribes.
Bernadette and Murat met in one of recreation centers in Turkish tourist destination Antalya's Alanya district in 2006.