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also Mur·ghab  (mo͝or-gäb′)
A river rising in northeast Afghanistan and flowing about 855 km (530 mi) generally west and northwest to the Kara Kum Desert in southeast Turkmenistan.
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Engineer Abdulmjid Salim, head of the Rural Rehabilitation Directorate, said: The project cost 12 million 468 thousand dollars, which includes the construction of 6 water bodies, 321 firewalls, and irrigation canals in the village of Oliya, Sam Kal Murghab and Ali, respectively, in the city of Firozkooh, Central Gozar, which is part of the development budget of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Development Have been constructed.
Ultimately, Tajikistan may provide a road linking Pakistan with other Central Asian countries through Murghab province in Tajikistan.
We have no information on areas such as Ferozkoh, Murghab and Showej.
Given the importance of the issue, the main purpose of this study is to evaluate corporate social responsibility and corporate image on brand equity in Murghab plain food industry products-Iran (Yek & Yek).
He said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will provide new opportunities for enhanced connectivity and integration from Gwadar to Kashgar, besides providing a road link with Tajikistan through Murghab and other Central Asian states.
According to US Geological Survey, the tremor hit at 7:50 GMT some 109 kilometers (67 miles) west of Tajikistan's Murghab town at a depth of 28 kilometers.
In the past 50 years in the Murghab district, the glaciers melted by 40%.
The Taliban raided the site in Bala Murghab district, killing nine border guards inside, he added.
Big River Murghab (Marvyn) pulled in northwest of Afghanistan and south east of Turkmenistan, was the the main source of agriculture in this area.
Abdul Majid from Bala Murghab district said several attacks were conducted before noon in Joikar area.
Several large transactions drove sales in the investment sector to record heights, including two KD 11 million deals in the Salmiya and Murghab areas, said the country's top lender.
27 ( ANI ): Ten militants were killed Tuesday morning as they launched attack on Afghan border police checkpoints in Bala Murghab district of the western province of Badghis, a provincial source said, adding the clash is still continuing there.