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1. Of or relating to a rodent of the subfamily Murinae, which includes the house mouse and the brown rat.
2. Caused, transmitted by, or affecting such a rodent: murine leukemia.
A murine rodent.

[Latin mūrīnus, of mice, from mūs, mūr-, mouse; see mūs- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmjʊəraɪn; -rɪn)
1. (Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Muridae, an Old World family of rodents, typically having long hairless tails: includes rats and mice
2. (Zoology) resembling a mouse or rat
(Animals) any animal belonging to the Muridae
[C17: from Latin mūrīnus of mice, from mūs mouse]


(ˈmyʊər aɪn, -ɪn)

1. belonging or pertaining to the Muridae, the family of rodents that includes the mice and rats.
2. a murine rodent.
[1600–10; < Latin mūrīnus of mice; derivative of mūr- mouse]


- Means "pertaining to mice or rodents."
See also related terms for mice.
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Noun1.murine - a rodent that is a member of the family Muridae
gnawer, rodent - relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing
Adj.1.murine - of or relating to or transmitted by a member of the family Muridae (rats and mice); "a murine plague"
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