Murphys Law

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Mur′phy's Law′

the facetious proposition that if something can go wrong, it will.
[1955–60, Amer.; probably after E.A. Murphy, engineer in U.S. Air Force]
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However, he admits that there might be a misapprehension or misappreciation from the security side, quoting the Murphys Law: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.
We have many things in common but most important is the love for a wild ride in the Lu#382ne Lesy forests stretching south from Bratislavas borough of Petr#382alka towards the Hungarian border.Neither mud nor dust matter, and not even the wind, given that Murphys Law applies: No matter which way you go the wind will always find a way to blow in your face.
The following day, Im back at the base of Vuria and this time with Hendrison Mwameso, a guide with Dawida Biodiversity Conservation group (DABICO) we ask around for the historical caves.Its Murphys law.