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n.1.One of the hereditary nobility among the Tatars, esp. one of the second class.
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Tenders are invited for Sathvan talav 1 to 5 murza no334pf ta lakhandur
Hassan bin Said Kashoob, President of Dhofar University and Akram bin Hassan al- Murza, Director General of the Directorate General of Commerce and Industry in the Governorate of Dhofar signed the MoU.
Murza to the Departament Ciencies Matematiques i Informatica de la Universitat de les Illes Balears, under the supervision of Professors Maria J.
Almondbury bowler Murza Mobeen makes an appeal during his nine-wicket haul
Aslam and Sajid Murza Hussain will face trial, on a date yet to be set in March 2015.
Maidan villagers ask the Parliament to specify distance of the construction of a future metallurgical complex at Shambesai gold mine and construct it beyond the village," member of the village council Murza Kurmushiev said on December 10 at a session of the parliamentary committee on energy complex and subsoil use.
Further availability alerts notify the team when particular channels reach minimum allocation thresholds so they can re-allocate available inventory while maximizing revenue in real-time,” said Jan Murza, VP Sales - Americas, eRevMax.
They can look to what is happening in Russia now," said Kara- Murza.
By Tanya Murza, MA, Elizabeth Stark, MS, CGC, and Vaughn Edelson
PT Murza Utama Sulselra is to build its offshore pipeline 5.
Raila ketino pasikviesti i SMC sale neonacionalistines partijos atstova Mindauga Murza, kad sis ten isteigtu laikinaji savo partijos biura, kuriame pristatytu savo politine koncepcija, o menininkas demonstruotu partijos vaizdo medziaga.
Just a month ago Salim Murza, 63, of Fenham, Newcastle, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and has recently been admitted to the Northern Centre for Cancer Treatment.